Implementing technology in today’s buildings looks a lot like it did in the 1980s and 1990s, but with more sensors and an internet connection. While this technically meets the definition of a smart building, these buildings are anything but smart. Technology is leveraged but poorly planned, solutions are not integrated, typically not managed after the initial installation and are not secure. When will people no longer accept this type of experience in their workplace?

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Building occupants are demanding a building that works for them. Technology impacts every aspect of a modern building. The convergence of IT, OT and IoT, complicated by cybersecurity and compliance requirements can no longer be ignored. It is critical to carefully consider every decision. Modern construction and renovation projects need to be planned differently to ensure building occupants have the best experience, driven by real-time data. Casting the overall technology vision for your building during the planning phase will minimize costly change orders, project delays, and cybersecurity and compliance issues.

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